Thank you all so very much for such a warm welcome last night. I am so impressed at the level of understanding you all have around Autism Awareness.

I could tell right away that you had a really good understanding of some of the difficulties some of our children face. It was just not needed to have to explain things because you were already aware, that is so refreshing and sadly unusual. It is so appreciated. You all created a relaxed environment for our children, to relax into allowing Parents to relax as our children were safe and happily socialising. 

I thought you were all amazing and lm very very impressed. I’m going to recommend my Scunthorpe charity Magic Moments looks at bringing our young children to you. I’m sure they would love a trip over.

Thank you so much for your level of understanding and hardwork.

xxxxx ate all his food once home just as l knew he would. But with practice he will eat more during the session as he knows what to expect. He was most impressed to get a cupcake 😂

Thank you all love Kate (17/2/22)

We have added another level to our toddler area and have also opened a lovely new baby room.